Welfare Ministry

The Welfare Ministry of Holy Trinity Church is an Arm of the church, saddled with the responsibility of providing care and love to members of the church, and communities within our locality. The ministry over the years has championed the drive to provide both spiritual and material needs of members in time of need.

The department is a 12 member department appointed by the PCC, with the Welfare officers of every unit or Arm of the church as members. The department started functioning as a ministry in 2000, and since then has continued to positively impact lives.

Our Mission

To bring the Love of Christ to every home through our active support for those in need.

Our Vision

To make the Church a home for all and to stir the Love of Christ for one another in every heart.

Our Goal

1. To provide timely support to members in need.
2. Reach out to as many as we can in time of need irrespective of race or religion.

Our Core Values
1. Spiritual mindedness
2. Diligence
3. Fairness
4. Love

Everybody can be an extension of the Welfare Ministry by providing care and love to those in need around us.