Sunday School Ministry

Sunday School Teachers


Our Vision

To teach the word of God that the light of the gospel might shine and subdue darkness in the life of worshipers.

Our Mission

To organise regular and effective Sunday school classes in both services of the church, with the aid of the Diocesan Sunday school manual and also host weekly interactive Bible Study classes aimed at entrenching Gods word in the hearts of parishioners.

Our Objective

To raise an end time army of ministers who would be rooted in Gods word and are prepared to disseminate it both in season and out of season. It also aims at instilling the hunger and passion for reading and study of Gods word in our members with a view to presenting each one approved as a worthy vessel before God.

The Sunday school leadership of the church is answerable to the Diocesan leadership in major decision-taking as it pertains to the ministry. Yearly Sunday school manuals are drawn up by the Diocesan Body which serves as teaching tools for the teachers during Sunday school. Also, a yearly programme of activities is drawn up for the ministry that include Diocesan general meetings, Night vigils, Sunday school expansion week, Executive meetings and Annual conference to ensure that events pertaining to the ministry are well coordinated all over the Diocese.

The Sunday school ministry of the church is led by a superintendent with an assistant and some officers who assist in helping to fulfill the divine mandate to Make Disciples. The leadership is assisted by an array of teachers who voluntarily identify with the ministry to assist in teaching the Bible both during the Sunday school classes on Sunday service and bible study every Tuesday.
The group meets on Saturday by 5pm to carry out pre-study of the topic to be taught on Sunday during church service. During the service, the church is divided into smaller classes for the purpose of the study and a teacher is assigned to coordinate a class; in sectional services, studies are held in both services.

The preparatory class for bible study is done every Tuesday at 5pm and breaking into classes is by 6:15pm, using the Church of Nigeria bible study manual; thereafter, we entertain questions/answers on the topic and at times outside the topic for the day.

The ministry observes bi-annual prayer retreat in both half’s of the year to pray for her growth and the expansion of Gods word in the church. We are open to receive as members; anyone who is born again, has passion for Gods word and is ready to grow unto maturity.