Birthdays & Anniversaries







Sir Allen Eze, chairman of the committee

The committee is responsible for identifying all members of the church who have birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other anniversaries within every month of the year. The committee runs the platform provided by the church for every celebrant to come to the presence of God in thanksgiving.

The committee meets with celebrants on their respective months of celebration and discuss on ways to make their celebrations bountiful. Celebrants are encouraged to come expectant of a blessing and come prepared (like Abel did in Genesis 4:4) during their thanksgiving Sundays which usually comes up during church service on the last Sunday of every month.

An anniversary cake(s) is cut during the thanksgiving by all the celebrants for their respective months and a kind hearted celebrant(s) provides the cake.

The church premises is available for families who would want to celebrate their birthday or anniversaries with their friends but with the consent of the vicar.

Please come to the church office to make further inquires or contact the committee chairman.