The Fellowship can be said to be as old as the church has existed.



The motto of the Fellowship is “TOWARDS THE PERFECT MAN” (Ephesians 4:13a).
EMBLEM: The emblem of the Fellowship is: The open Bible standing between a handshake and two twigs joined to form a letter “V” and all on a circular blue colour background.

The Bible (White) stands for the teachings of Christ.
Handshake (Gold) stands for fellowship
Twigs (Green) stands for young people
Background (Blue) Stands for love
When put together, it means” young people living together in fellowship and love according to the teachings of Christ”.


i. To train and develop individual members in the doctrine of Christianity with a view to attaining the standard required of a true follower of Christ
ii. To make members useful not only to the church and community in which they live, but also the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Society in general.

iii. To respect constituted authorities so as to enable members in their daily lives strife TOWARDS THE PERFECT MAN, Jesus.

iv. To promote educational awareness amongst youths by organizing seminars, career-guidance and counseling etc through Worship, Study, service and recreation

DAYS OF MEETING: Our weekly meetings holds on Mondays at the Church hall at 6:00pm

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to every baptized young members of the Anglican Communion and all those who have joined the church from other denominations prior to their inductions/enrollment not withstanding age or sex.

UNITS OF THE FELLOWSHIP: In order for the youths to be more active, the Fellowship is
further disintegrated into various arms. This is to encourage all youth members to fit into the best place or area of gift where they can perform to the best of their respective abilities.

Five arms of the Fellowship were thus established, and they are as follows:
o The Drama/music unit
o The Prayer unit
o The evangelism unit
o The Welfare unit
o The Sports arm